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SNTC Air-Conditioning & HVAC Services has benefitted many offices, shops, flats & houses for over the last 30 years. Our company has established a great reputation for reliability & service installing, repairing and maintaining air con systems and Surrey for both residential and commercial properties.

We ensure the air conditioning installation we provide is the best solution for your needs and environment. We install every air conditioning system professionally and offer a superb maintenance service, so that your air con is always working efficiently.

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Our air conditioning units are exclusively from established manufacturers, the leading names in the HVAC industry, so you know you can rely on their quality, efficiency & effectiveness. Our aim is to install your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency. All our air conditioning contractors are fully trained and qualified to ensure your peace of mind.

Contact our installation, repair, servicing and maintenance teams today & we can help you get the best air conditioning system for your properties.

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