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Floor Grinding & Crystallizing

This is the standard process for the initial installation of marble floor tile.

The reasons for floor grinding to be done, apart from making the floor perfectly flat, is the maintenance after the installation is so easy and any stains or scratches that appear are easily removed without any trace. Using the latest patented technology from Italy, the polishing of the stone floor will be obtained in a natural and mechanical way. The technology we use eliminates the use of lead crystallizers, which are harmful to health and the environment. The machines and diamond discs we use increase the speed of polishing up to 8 times faster than other machines on the market, improving the final result and gloss of the floor. Our floor grinding machines are all water fed which means the process is completely dust free. A highly polished, mirror like effect is only one of the finishes that we offer, with our specialist knowledge and machinery.

Floor Polishing

Marble is very beautiful but soft stone. If not maintained properly it will scratch, fade and lose its shine and luxury. Marble care and maintenance depends on a place where it's used: floors, walls, shower walls or anything else. If marble surface loses its natural shine and general appearance, it's high time to think about marble polishing. Marble polishing is an effective way to give your old and dull stone floor a new look. This procedure comes in two steps:
1. Resurfacing scratched and stained floor with scratch removal discs;
2. Polishing.

SNTC LLC performs excellent stone polishing and stone finishing services at affordable prices. Professional marble polishing and finishing returns perfect look of a marble floor and preserves it for many long years of use.

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